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  1. 0 csr racing 16 jan 2015 à 11:20

    I’ve just stumbled upon a new driving game for mobiles, its name is Real Race: Asphalt Road Racing and it looks nearly like a racing sim with arcade feel.
    It boasts very state-of-the-art Artificial Inteligence and I’ve played already nine times successively or so and it is still enjoyable and interesting. It is kinda fresh to race and vanquish other players on 6 or so maps. Game feels like race with GT cars like lamborghini or asphalt. Driving through dunes and steppes, asphalt and roads, it is like Need for Speed Carbon or Most Wanted, and as a matter of fact the latest edition, NFS: Rivals Underground. There are no pursuits with the police, but maybe it’s for the best as multiplayer asphalt gameplay gives great opportunity to demonstrate your unsurpassed underground drag racing prowess.
    On-screen high velocity forces an illusion of literally being there and hurrying with the best racers as seen on television. Adrenaline rushes are numerous.

    On a scale of one to 10 I would give it a strong 8. List of features is really staggering, so is its playability. Beating the leaderboards trully caughts you and you’re directly pulled in. It trully reminds me of Asphalt Overdrive. Overall it is a good, challenging free app.

  2. 1 car 17 mar 2015 à 19:56

    Try and jump right into a world of street drifts in Tokyo, Japan. Speed with the clock and with other players racing cars that are out of this world. Move the car door and become drawn into first of the best cars games of 2014! Smartphone and android entertainment was never so awesome and great. Grand prix at city, get your nitro in the system.
    Use the adrenaline on dangerous asphalt 8 tracks. Don’t switch between arcade and simulator – the app has everything disregarding the fact this is for app market, android. When you become the quickest underground casual racer in the world, the game will not stop to astonish you. Real racing with two great racing game types.
    As you race in the noon similar to ryan gosling. This car arcade feel shall be as drinking powerful rocket gasoline. At night and underground. These stunts are possible simply by collecting bonuses that give you more speed, cash and time. Modification of the cars is done by upgrading the acceleration, durability and top speed. This will allow you to make greater and quicker tricks on the racing tracks going on in a csr race setting of japan grand prix in japan.

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